Doing Our Part

We all have our part to play in making our world a better place.

With Hexcite Group, our complete service for your visual branding journey help you to enjoy signage that doesn’t just look amazing, but also significantly reduces the impact it will have on the environment.
Our use of digital technology cuts out waste in development and concepts, and ensure unparalled accuracy and consistency in production. Careful use of materials ensure your signs are recyclable and degrade safely when disposed of. Advanced LED technologies deliver brightly lit signs which use the absolute minimum of energy, keeping your costs low. And efficient planning reduces the use of carbon fuels used during installation and maintenance projects.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability

The Hexcite Group has an unshakeable belief that our responsibility as manufacturers, printers and installers is to deliver our work with the lowest possible impact on the environment. That’s why we have created an ambitious sustainability strategy, supported by clear deliverables to help us achieve our ‘green’ goals called Target : 2025.

The Hexcite Group has also undergone the Sustainable Advantage ESG Program. A tailored ESG action plan has been created and shared with the ESG committee for implementation.

Zero to landfill by the end of 2021 – achieved

Embed a global sustainable materials procurement process by 2022

Transition to a circular economy business model by 2023

Transform into a carbon neutral business by 2025

Blaze Signs

100% recycled signage for key retailers. FSC certified wood supplies, choosing Accoya wood from sustainable forests.

Cygnia Maintenance

Lighting solutions to increase the lifespan and efficiency of corporate signage with LED options

Concept Signs

Case studies