Signage Safety Month

admin | 18 July 2022

Enjoying the summer? As we enjoy the some glorious weather with the sun beating down and thermometers climbing to giddy heights It may make you wonder why our colleagues at Cygnia are taking the time to spend this month talking about signage safety.  With the sun out and weather largely settled, surely the signs on business premises are fine as they are, yes?


Actually, the answer is no. And Cygnia are talking about signage safety for a very good reason.



Your signage is not just attacked by high winds, rain and freezing cold. A burning sun and high ambient temperatures can cause just as much damage.  As heat causes expansion, so signage can begin to warp and crack under stress, with plastics and vinyls warping. And the supporting façade behind the sign can seriously weaken too.


The prolonged dry weather and continuous heat will suck the moisture from wood used in frontages and supporting framework behind the signage. If the wood is old and rotting they can begin to crumble and cause fixings that hold signage in place to fail (particularly if the fixings were in adequate/incorrect from the offset), making the sign at risk of collapse.


So you can see now why, even in hot weather, your signage may not be as safe, secure and presentable as you might think. 


Which makes the point of Signage Safety Month even more timely. Heard of the phrase ‘fixing the roof while the sun shines’? The message is used to describe sorting our issues when you have the opportunity to do so, rather than put it off. And it’s certainly true for your signage. Summer is the perfect time of year to get your signage inspected and any repairs completed. The good weather helps repairs to be more secure and last longer too. 


It’s these reasons why you should talk to Cygnia. With our network of engineers we have the experience and resources to take a detailed look at your signage and quickly tell you if you might have a disaster quite literally looming over your head – and be able to fix the problem quickly and safely.


So while you’re enjoying the sun – or standing under the air-conditioning – get in touch with us now and ask about our signage safety inspection. And we’ll help you keep the heat out of your wallet.