Combined resources and expertise

admin | 25 May 2022

A major factor in why organisations choose Hexcite Group to deliver their signage services is the ability to source everything under one umbrella. There’s large print via Gardners, production, installation and project management via Blaze, and expert maintenance through Cygnia. When combined, the resources and expertise within the three members of Hexcite Group provides the ability to scale up for projects is unmatched. As Howdens have discovered during their work in undertaking a brand update project across their network of 700 depots across the UK.

Back in 2020, as part of a re-brand exercise across a number of their depots in the UK, Howdens contacted Gardners, part of the Hexcite Group, and asked if they could undertake a pilot installation at their depot in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

When the task was completed, Howdens than asked if Gardners would be able to scale up the task of a further 80 depots larger number of depots – in just 10 weeks. No problem; Gardners called on the resources within fellow Hexcite Group company Blaze Signs for the site surveys, production, and installations. This project was completed ahead of deadline, proving the ability of the group to meet larger signage update projects.

Howdens then asked Gardners to repeat the exercise at a further 306 depots across the South of the UK – a job that would be far outside the capacity of other signage companies. By combining the resources from all three Hexcite Group companies, Gardners undertook the large format printing elements while Blaze managed the signage production and Cygnia assisted in the surveying and installation of signage across the depots.

Howdens gave a green light for the UK-wide brand update in January 2021, and set a completion deadline of the end of 2022, which was completed ahead of schedule.