Hexcite Group launch sustainability initiative – Target :: 2025

admin | 1 September 2021
  • This initiative will bring net-zero carbon manufacturing to signage in retail, hospitality, and property sectors
  • Introducing four major targets including zero to landfill by 2021; embedding a global, sustainable materials procurement process by 2022; transitioning to a circular economy business by 2023; and transforming into a net-zero carbon business by 2025
  • The Hexcite Group is comprised of three businesses: Blaze Signs, Cygnia Maintenance and Gardners.

The Hexcite Group has announced an update of its sustainability commitment, Target :: 2025, with four key sustainability and carbon reduction targets by 2025.

As consumer attention continues focuses on sustainability, putting pressure on brands and services to treat the planet as responsibly as possible, the group is committing to major targets to support fair and green manufacturing and production.

This will include:

  • Zero to landfill by 2021
  • Embedding a global, sustainable materials procurement process by 2022
  • Transitioning to a circular economy business by 2023
  • Transforming into a net-zero carbon business by 2025.

The group is comprised of Blaze Signs, Cygnia Maintenance and Gardners, with each working towards the sustainability objectives to reduce operational carbon footprint and ensure sustainable working practices for their business and their suppliers.

It is already making great headway in achieving its targets. Innovations include ReActivair, a pollution-eating speciality coating by Gardners that uses energy from natural sunlight to break down harmful pollutants and odour molecules in the air surrounding the print area; fully recyclable materials for manufacturing and print projects from and Blaze Signs; and energy audits by Cygnia Maintenance.

Wes Mulligan, Group CEO says: “At the Hexcite Group, we pride ourselves on being in step with our clients’ needs and requirements, constantly evaluating where we can add value to them and their organisations. With sustainability being such a core requirement, not just for our retail and brand clients, but for their customers too, all the businesses within the Hexcite Group must commit to our Target :: 2025 ambitions. I am confident that we can be positive leaders for change as willing and active supporters of our clients’ plans.“